All sessions run on a casual basis with riders booking in the week prior to the session. Riders must book in each week to ensure we are keeping to rider to coach ratios and to help us plan the session.

For a few of the sessions we have developed some prerequisites, these are designed to give riders goals to work towards and to know what they need to do for the next level. If you’ve got any questions about it please get in touch, we want to be very inclusive while making sure riders are at the right skill levels for the session.

Beginner level

No previous BMX experience needed.

Suitable for Parents, Sprockets & new riders.


Advanced Beginner level

Riders aged 8+

Designed for riders who are ready for more advanced techniques.

We have a few prerequisites for this to make sure riders are confident on their bike and also are able to listen to and take in instructions.


- Must be able to balance sitting down at the gate for 20 seconds

- Must be able to stand up and balance at the gate for 5 seconds

- Pump through 3rd straight

- Be confident around the berms including when near other riders

Intermediate - TBC
Riders aged 8+

These sessions are for riders who have shown a good understanding of the basic BMX skills. Sessions will be designed more as a guided training session.


- Correct gate form (doesn’t need to be perfect but need to know what you are doing)

- Be able to pump the 3rd straight from canteen corner with out pedalling.

- Be able to hop 5cm

- Be able to manual 50cm

- Be able to consistently jump table top