All Clubs rely on the help of volunteers and our club is no different.  Every gate practice night and racing day or night, we require volunteers to help assist in roles such as gate starter, flaggies, finish line scorers, first aid* and canteen assistance.

All of these positions are easy to learn and we will give you all the training you need to be able to volunteer and help our club continue to hold successful practice sessions and race days.

BMX Australia's Officiating Program aims to educate, assist and develop officials at all levels, so that they can support the sport of BMX in all areas and the registration process is very simple, as follows:

1.  Sign up for a Volunteer Membership which is FREE by using the Volunteer Membership link above

2. Complete a quick and easy Level 1 Club Official online quiz by using the Level 1 Officiating link above

We are extremely grateful for the help and support we receive from all of our volunteer officials.

* First Aid does require a Senior First Aid Qualification